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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To finish up on the meatfest

So to the sandwiches.

First here is a close up on the prastrami. It looks deceptively gross. Like a chewed carpet. I think If I had added prague powder it would have been more appealing.

And here is the salted beef. It is overcooked and just fell apart when I tried to slice it. So I shredded it instead.

And the bread;

The salted beef goes onto rye bread with thousand Island dressing and saurkraut.

Sauerkraut does look weird. But most importantly in date.

These sandwiches then look like this.

Lets take a closer look.

And with the ubiquitous pickle. Pickles should be mandatorily ubiquitous.

The prastrami was just a free for all. This was one of mine pictured with an almighty Coopers.

This is my hand mid sandwich. I almost lost a finger eating this one.

The sandwiches also go well with a new world chiraz. This one was from Oz. I don't know if Oz is the new world. Is everything apart from French, Italian or Californian new world? Maybe twitter knows...

And the final remains of my 05th sandwich of the day. At which stage it all became a bit of a blur.

In the interest of privacy I've left photos of all people who attended the meat festival off the blog. (pffft..... in reality it was all consumed by me).


mmccourt said...

That looks delicious Dugworth! Let me know when you are next serving up more meat platters!

Tom Heavey said...

Lies!, I was there...while the salted beef was shredded, as opposed to cut, it tasted perfect, and the texture was ethereal. You are the Pastrami King Duggy