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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You call that breakfast? This is breakfast.

I don't know who I am saying that too. At no point has someone ever said to me "THIS IS BREAKFAST" in a Spartan type way. But I like to think that this and not that is breakfast.

Firstly the healthy one. Blueberry pancakes. Made with buttermilk and served with lemon and golden syrup. And icing sugar. So not that healthy then.

And now for a daily calorific meal in one sitting. This was after a very long day. So it is a 3 egg/2 cheese omelette with 4 slices of bacon. 4 is a good number of bacon in a sandwich. 3 is the minimum, 5 is greedy but 4 is just right. I ate this as a sandwich but if you wanted to cut out the carbs I'm sure you could eat it with a knife and fork.
I'm pretty sure it has enough calories to keep you going for the day. I had it as a breakfast/lunch. Then had a nap, then went for a cross country run and it kept me going for 90 minutes. Wasn't even that hungry after the run either. You could conquer the world with cheese and bacon.

Update: This sandwich also works with sausages and sweet chilli sauce. The omelette is essential:

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