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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pad Thai Sandwiches

Well more of a wrap really that a sandwich.

I'm a little moody today so I will keep this post short. Just photos. No jokes. Well 1 joke. See if you can find it. 

You can of course make pad thai sauce from scratch but I alway struggle to get the bitterness of the tamarind, saltiness of the soy and sweetness of the cane sugar balance right. So I cheat and buy it in a bottle. What brand you say? The only brand in town. Insert inappropriate joke here.

Ho ho ho. Moving on...

I always think its best to soak chopped spring onions as it take the heavy onion aftertaste out of them.

And I added carrots. Its been so long since I've had a proper pad thai I can't remember if they are in them or not. 

Squeezed lime on the bean sprouts to keep them crunchy and limey. There was a scare about bean sprouts but these didn't have any after affects.

The cleaned prawns, deveining makes such a difference:

 An omelette
 The assembly.

That is black pepper on the bean sprouts. Not dirt.

The dish lacked the oomph of the stir fry and really needed chilli and garlic. If I was making it again it would definitely need chilli and garlic. Garlic in with the chicken and some fresh red chilli.

Think this is going to be my last post for a while. As the excellent guy from the oatmeal says, these are things I shouldn't be taking photos of:

Via the superb

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Lisa said...

Don't give up posting. I like to see crazy photos of what you eat, possibly with me in the background.