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Friday, June 24, 2011

Thats slander or libel or something

So the Irish Times has called me deranged. I think I have a case against them. For libel or slander. I don't know the difference. Maybe I need one of those superinjunctions against them. Either way I want compensation.

Is it deranged to make your own sun dried tomatoes?

And take close up photos of those tomatoes, with capers:

Is it deranged to make pasta that looks like this:

And this?

All I know is that I am setting my lawyer on them first thing on Monday. And by lawyer I mean this guy:

......... They may have a point. Frederick (my lawyer) has advised me that blogging about tomatoes and taking photos of stuffed toys wearing glasses is deranged.

For those who have stumbled across this blog stay tuned. Next I will blog about pad thai sandwiches.

For those who will never visit this dark corner of the interweb again, here is another shot of Frederick.


Anonymous said...

Are you Dug the dog from Up?

That pasta looks nasta

Here's a thought, when trying to type nasta my iPhone prophered up bastard as the word I may be trying to type, who programs these programmes,...I mean every time I try to right give it offers HIV, surely that is pretty low down on words people maybe trying to type.

Anyway, stick it to the man, burn Irish Times, burn!
Fad dust bullies!....( that was meant to be fascist but my iPhone had a better alternative, and no Apple do not offer me commission for saying iPhone.

Sent from my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

I thought Frederick worked in IT

Anonymous said...

Why did the irish times call you derangeD??