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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Not in a brass eye kind of drug fuelled cake. But addictive none the less. Filled with raspberries and nutella so that they are self saucing. Yes, self saucing. No need to add extra sauce cause its got it built in.

To explain the brass eye cake reference.

But here is what your all here for. Here are the photos. The eggs:
 The Cocoa:
 The Mixing:
 The satisfaction of opening up a new jar of nutella. Very satifying.
 Half full with the raspberries and nutella:
 Lets take a closer look:
 Straight out of the oven:
 You see? Self saucing:
 You can add icing sugar for decoration:
And best had with a cup of tea:

This recipe is from whatkatieate.blogspot.That blog is what a real food blog looks like and is one of the best. This one is just a phoney, written by a faker. Me.

That blog homepage is here and the very least I can do is send my followers her way. A true inspiration.

Next time Dugdog is going on tour. On tour or on holidays. Well I'm going fishing and will take photos of what I catch because I have to cook what I catch. I hope its a tuna. But they are overfished. Mackerel. I'll catch and cook a mackerel. So stay tuned for a travel special.


Tom Heavey said...

I want, I want.....warm, warm....

I wasn't in the basment Mummy....

Where is my cake? eh?

Tom Heavey said...