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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pork chop sandwiches !

Technically not a pork chop and technically not a sandwich. But I wanted to honor the G.I. Joe pork chop sandwiches bit.

So this is slow roasted pork shoulder with salad, apple bbq sauce and served in a flatbread.

The pork before

And after:
To keep us all regular I made a coleslaw with red cabbage and a lemon yoghurt dressing. I added roasted hazelnuts to it as well which worked well with the pork and apple bbq sauce.

Oh yeh, the recipe for the meat and sauce are available on the bbc website. The pork requires nothing to be done to it and the sauce takes 5 minutes.

Amazingly I didn't take photos of the sauce but you can see it in the final meal.

The final ingredients.

And finally with the leftovers and a good beer. This was a good time. A 3 in the morning, pass out on the couch, farting good time.

Stay tuned to dugdogs blog. Amazingly I've lost a follower. But for those still following thanks for stopping by.


Lisa said...

That kitchen counter looks familiar, I dont remember there being any pork sandwich left for me?

Anonymous said...

Photoshop Lisa, a mere illusion....

Duggy, you're making me very hungry...can we do this again soon.